We love electronics!

We develop software
for the automotive industry.
We specialize in
designing equipment
to improve communications system
in vehicles.


Who we are?

  • Development
    We are a small and constantly growing company, so we are able to adapt quickly to the expectations of the automotive market.
  • Experience
    We have several years of experience in electronic engineering. This is the reason why the car industry doesn’t hide any secrets from us.
  • Flexibility
    Moreover, we have gained our experience not only in the domestic but also in the international market, which expanded our horizons significantly.
  • Professionalism
    A deep expertise allowed us to move operations from southern Europe to the Poland in 2015, and create EVOTRONIK.
  • Location
    Currently we are located in Technopark Pomerania. This undoubtedly attractive location gives us access to a professional infrastructure, modern technology and valuable industry contacts.
  • Utility
    And the most important– in our work we follow two principes. Firsly, our work is to create solutions which work – and work for real… instead only making impression that they do. Secondly, we design our products only in the way so that we wanted to use them as well.

What we do?

In detail…
Our aim is to create solutions absolutely simple to use, practical and thinking on their own. Briefly speaking – smart. We offer our tools mailny for professionals (to use in garages, mechanics and electronic) and automotive hobbyists and geeks.
We are constantly working on devices designed to communicate with the car and its modules.

We write softwares to test dash boards and hacking here and there all the time as well.

We cut problems to prime factors, to find the most optimal resolution.

We are not limited only to what is self-imposed.

We are open to ideas and innovations.

We are able to create products which face the needs of our customers.

We are open to ideas and innovations.

We are able to create products which face the needs of our customers.

We are open to ideas and eager to create tools which align to customer needs.


We put in the hands
of clients only those products
with which we are satisfyed with.
Only that much and also so many.
It is hard to find that kind
of feature in large corporations.



The area of our business is focused on the CAN-BUS.
We design products to connect a particular module to the rest of the CAN network. We enable to modify the data to flow between them in any way – depending on a controlling software.


Can – router

Product page
The main product we are working on is the CAN-Router. It comprises two devices arranged within one plate – the first one is receiving data from the particular module, the other intelligently routes them to other modules in the vehicle.
Information which flow through the CAN-Router the user can simply modify, filter, delete, orient, analyze and diagnose. The offered product has several advantages:
  • Simplicity of installation

    Installation is quick and easy.

  • Small size

    CAN-Router is kept in the most compact form.

  • Low power consumption

    We optimize products to saving energy.

  • Stable version of the software

    After repeatedly conducted tests.

  • Quality

    Our professionalism has resulted in a product of the highest quality.

  • Undetectable by any diagnostic testers

    Ensuring safety.

If what you’re looking for a device such as the CAN-Router or if you have us any questions – please contact us.



What else can we do for you?
CAN-Router is not the only product we’re working on. We are open to new ideas and emerging needs, because we create a variety of devices connected to the CAN-BUS – for all types of vehicles. We optimize software to the specific requirements and expectations of the users, so that finally they receive a personalized, functional and ready for action product.
Contact with us – we’ll talk about what do you need. Tell us about your idea and we will consider what solutions can we offer, and tally the details of cooperation.